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We could sit here and tell you that we offer the best in fresh quality ingredients in order to make you a great product, which is true, but that is not what we are all about. Here at Stumpy’s we let the food speak for itself. What motivates us is our relationships and placing an emphasis on relationships matter is what truly sets us apart.

We firmly believe that people are what make us great! Team members and patrons are our focus, allowing us to do things a little bit different than your average restaurant. We take immense pride in making sure that each of our team members loves their job (just ask them) and that directly transfers to you. Receiving what might be considered old fashioned service. Knowing the folks who patronize us makes for a personalized experience each time one steps through our doors or calls the restaurant. Whether you have been to Stumpy’s 100 times, or it is your first visit, you will instantly feel at home.

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About Us



Amy Stumvoll is the owner of Stumpy’s Pizzeria. She holds 15 years of pizza and restaurant experience. Born and raised in Homer, a small town located in Central NY.  Her introduction/obsession with pizza began in Syracuse, NY, at Enzo’s pizza when she was 18 years old. Here she was mentored and learned the art of hand tossing, going from a delivery driver to a pizza maker, to manager. From Enzo’s she moved onto Liverpool Pizzeria and then to their stand alone location in Dewitt, Dewitt Pizzeria. Amy then moved to the Saratoga Springs Region in 2006, where she began working at Caputos Pizzeria. This is where she truly honed her skills, with pizza making and managing an establishment. When an opportunity arose to open her own pizzeria in her community, she could not refuse. She had a desire to bring great food and great service to Fort Edward. That brings us to Stumpy’s Pizzeria. While Amy spends much of her time at the pizzeria she is also a nationally ranked olympic weightlifter and animal lover.

"Relationships matter. They are what drive us each and every day. Relationships with our team, for we could not do it alone. With our customers, since we would not be here without them. With our community, in which we are proud to be a neighbor. This is what allows us to pursue our passion, delivering a superior service experience and awesome food everyday. Our enthusiasm for what we do is contagious and we cannot wait for you to become a part of our family."

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Best Pizza Around! Fort Edward, Hudson Falls, Glens Falls, South Glens Falls, Queensbury, Moreau & Gansevoort.


Location Stumpy's Pizzeria   165 Broadway, Fort Edward, NY 12828

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